Hello, I’m Francesca Elisia. I'm an artist inspired by nature, curiosity, and mindfulness.

I love to paint and draw and be inspired by nature.

I’ve been fascinated with art and creativity since I took my first drawing class as a teenager. Since then, I’ve always enjoyed making things — no matter the medium. View my Artwork, Artist Statement and Artist CV.

Now, I’m focused on painting. I love to share what I’m learning on my journey.

I am also a Mindfulness Coach with a focus on creativity and expression. Visit Creative Spirit Co. to learn about my coaching, events, and workplace wellness programs.


My passions and interests


Painting and drawing are two of my passions. I make art to better understand and connect with the world around me. I paint and draw to explore my imagination and represent what I see and feel. I am inspired by nature and emotion.


“Work is self-expression. We must not think of self-expression as something we may do or something we may not do. Self-expression is inevitable. In your work, in the way you do your work and in the results of your work, your self is expressed.”

—Agnes Martin



Making art and connecting with my inner radiance are my life-long goals. In my coaching and facilitation, I strive to create sparks of radiance in others.


I currently live in East London.

I grew up in the United States in a sleepy town in Southern New Hampshire, followed by the suburbs of Western New York. I always loved arts and crafts as a child, and I fell in love with painting and drawing in high school. When I was a teenager, I knew that I wanted to be an artist when I grew up.

I became a woman in New York City, first living in the vibrance of the East Village, followed by the calm of Park Slope, Brooklyn. After living in NYC, I left to spend a summer studying art history and glass sculpture in Barcelona. Little did I know when I made that trip, it would be the beginning of a new and magical chapter in my life. During this period, I lived in Italy and Portugal before coming to London.

As I’ve moved around, each place has taught me new lessons—from finding pleasure in Rome, to finding a true sense of happiness in the countryside of Umbria.


One of my favourite childhood memories is of the few weeks I spent at summer camp. The camp counsellors were so kind and happy. Laughing and flirting amongst each other with ease, they would lead us in making crafts from things we’d gather from the woods.

Each morning at the end of breakfast, Vi the Bird Lady would bring her tape recorder into the dining hall and play a bird call for us. She’d read a brief description of the bird, then tell us of its markings and shape. We’d listen as she played the call again, then we’d try to guess the bird. I don’t remember if there was a prize. I was young enough to wonder if she lived at the camp year-round, making a permanent home in her little wooden cottage. I hoped that being an adult would feel like it did those weeks at summer camp, and I was curious if I could grow up to be a bird lady.

Many decades later, after I left New York City, I lived for eight months in the countryside of Umbria, Italy on a work exchange at an arts organisation. We were based at an agriturismo, a farmhouse settled at the top of a large olive grove. It was cold in the wintertime, but there were days when the sun would still feel warm and bright. I found a new sense of contentment carrying firewood up to the main house, watching my long shadow cross the brick walls of the building.


My power manifests through activating my self-expression and through helping others activate theirs. I find my power in my creative practice. I write and draw every day, even when it challenges me.


That magic feeling when everything drops away, yet everything is present. I love the sense of freedom that comes from connecting fully to a moment. It can’t be forced, but it can be nurtured.


I’m a qualified meditation practitioner and teacher, with a focus on Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Insight Meditation practices. I’m experienced with a range of techniques to develop intuition and confidence. My practice includes conversation-based methods, guided imagining, creative play, and mindfulness coaching. I am interested in the relationship between art and psychology.


Qualifications & Education

I completed a Postgraduate Summer Program in Visual Art and Art History with Syracuse University Abroad in Barcelona. I have undergraduate degrees in Architecture from The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art and Graphic Design from Parsons The New School for Design, both based in New York City.

My work has been exhibited in the United Kingdom, the United States, Portugal, and Italy.

I am an experienced art and design instructor. Since 1994, I have taught and facilitated workshops and courses for children, young adults, and adults at introductory to advanced levels of learning.


I have completed formal and informal study in a range of methods and mediums:

  • Painting — watercolour, oil, and acrylic

  • Drawing — still life, portrait, and landscape in mixed media

  • Printmaking — silkscreen, woodcut and linocut, monoprint, and letterpress

  • Glassmaking — forming, shaping, and cast work using kiln techniques 

  • Sculpture — plaster and bronze casting, woodworking, metalwork, assemblage, collage

  • Paper folding — contemporary techniques for creased and shaped forms

  • Photography — traditional darkroom methods for black and white and colour photos

Bookmaking — small edition books using traditional binding and pasting techniques 

  • Art History — special interest in earthworks of the 1960s