I am a visual artist with a focus on painting. I am interested in the space between abstraction and representation. My influences include impressionist painting and the long history of landscape and floral painting that exists across styles and periods.

I like to keep myself open to exploring new ideas in my work. Last year, I spent some time browsing science-fiction novels written by women in the 1950s and 60s. I found The First Day of Spring, a book written by Mari Wolf in 1954. It’s a love story between a spaceman and a woman who lives on a planet built to imperfectly replicate Earth. It inspired me to create a series of paintings of imagined landscapes based on the descriptions in the novel.

Most of my work is acrylic on canvas and watercolour on paper. I like how both types of paint have limited working time. This forces me to work quickly. I work best when I get into a state of flow and stay in that state. I love the sense of freedom that comes from connecting fully to a moment. I enjoy being fully present to my artmaking process.

My recent work deals with themes around imagination and interpretation. Since 2018, I have been working on a series of imagined landscapes and florals. I leave space for the forms in my work to be interpreted in many different ways. I like to use unusual combinations of colour.

I typically sketch out ideas before I begin a painting. I draw every day in my sketchbook. Sometimes I draw from life, other times I draw from my imagination. Once I get started on a canvas, I let myself experiment and play. I often work in layers and allow the forms to change and emerge as I work. I enjoy the organic and messy quality of painting.

I frequently experiment with other mediums, including printmaking, sculpture, and digital art. I always return to painting as my primary medium.