How I got unstuck

The past eight months have been an exhilarating time for me, and I feel more connected than ever to my life’s dual purpose of sharing my creativity and helping others to tap into their own creative potential.

This comes after a period of feeling extremely stuck. Like, waist-deep in swampland stuck. Like, ‘is my life ever gonna change or should I just accept this is it?’ stuck.

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Keeping a sketchbook

Yesterday a friend asked if I'd be recording when I’m making my artwork. I took her suggestion and decided to capture a few thoughts as I open up my sketchbook for the day. I talk a little about getting inspired by Frida Kahlo’s sketchbooks, and the benefits of getting my brushes dirty.

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28 Ways to Fire-up a Creative Mindset

After spending my life surrounded by highly-creative people, I’ve realised creativity is a mindset, not just a process of exploring and making. Could it be possible that creative people’s brains really do work differently? 

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