Adopting a Training Mindset to Engage Creativity

After years of going back and forth between corporate jobs that didn’t suit me and windows of time making art, I realised that it was time for a shift. I wanted to make my own creativity a more significant part of my life.

It’s been very challenging at times, but I’ve found a few strategies to keep myself in motion. One of these is to adopt a training mindset and an understanding that I will need to keep myself slowly moving in a way that is aligned with my goals.

To help strengthen my resolve for change, I looked to routine and building good habits to help me shift my identity and loop into a stronger sense of self. It was was one of many tools that helped me move deeper into my life’s purpose while moving forward into a new period of my life that continues to unfold.

For those of us that are sensitive and tuned into rhythms of the world, it be can be tempting to get distracted by outside expectations. By building a routine, I was able to set the foundation for change and be true to my passions and interests.

I saw it as training. It was about mindset and action. I had to shift my identity, not give space to things that did not align, give time and focus to things that did, and take action.