52 Ways to Be Creative: Mini Zine with The Drawing Club

I met Manolya Isik a year ago when she dropped in to support Bill Wright’s Enhanced Illustration course at Central Saint Martins. The course was a lot of fun, introduced me to new digital techniques, and connected me a group of independent illustrators working in London.

Since then, I had my eye on attending one of her workshops. Manolya runs The Drawing Club, a monthly event held upstairs at SMUG, a lovely lifestyle store on Camden Passage in Islington, London.

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52 Ways to Be Creative, Week 2: The Natural Magic of Terrarium Building

For week 2 of 52 Ways to Be Creative I took a turn building a terrarium with the Botanical Boys. The experience was hosted by Ben and Daz at their home in East London. The workshop space was filled with beautifully constructed terrariums they’ve created since starting their business in 2016.

Daz started by giving a brief history of the terrarium, noting the first terrariums dated from Victorian times.I put on my provided apron and got ready to get my hands dirty.

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Drawing for Exploration and Learning

Growing up, my teachers encouraged me to draw as an act of exploration. To let my eyes trace a line, not looking down at my drawing, but instead looking at what I was attempting to represent. I’d let my drawing unfold outside my frame of vision.

When I draw a thing — a body, a piece of fruit, a face, a flower — my relationship to that thing changes. What I know about it changes, and therefore, what I know about the world around me expands.

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52 Ways to Be Creative: Bringing a Beginner's Mind to Life Drawing

Week 1 was all about getting back to basics. I grabbed my A3 drawing pad and my pencil case, and made my way to a community centre not to far from where I live in East London.

When I arrived to the art room upstairs, it was already full of participants, and the model was fixed in a pose in the centre of the room, encircled by chairs and easels.

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Reflections on The Artist’s Way, Week 1: Recovering a Sense of Safety

This is the first in a series of posts about The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity, a book and a self-study program developed by Julia Cameron in the 1990s.

I completed the 12-week program a few months ago. By doing the reading and working through the course exercises, I experienced a significant change in my own creative process. The course helped me reclaim my identity as an artist and return to my passions with new energy and confidence.

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Kaizen for Creativity

As this year kicks off, I’m experimenting with methods to weave new habits and creative behaviours into my daily routine.

I recently announced my new project, 52 Ways to be Creative. During each week of this year, I plan to spend a few hours developing an existing creative skill, refreshing a forgotten ability, or learning something entirely new — all in the spirit of exploration, community and growth.

I'm inspired by the calm energy of kaizen, an approach that requires making small, continuous changes over time.

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An Introduction to 52 Ways to Be Creative

I’m super excited to announce my project for 2019 — 52 Ways to Be Creative.

Each week of this year, I will take a course, do a workshop, or take part in peer-to-peer learning related to art, design, and all things creative. I plan to develop my existing abilities, refresh a few forgotten skills, and stretch into new areas.

I’ll share what I learn along the way, and you are welcome you to join me in the process.

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