I provide coaching and workplace wellness programs to celebrate creativity and support personal empowerment.

I help people work through many common challenges, including eliminating limiting beliefs, reducing stress, achieving creative recovery, and moving through change. I’m experienced with a range of techniques to develop intuition and confidence.

My practice includes conversation-based coaching, mindfulness techniques, and activities that allow you to reframe and explore challenges. My role is to guide you to feel empowered by being who you truly are.

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Workplace Wellness Programs:
Join me for Mindfulness + Meditation

Are you looking to bring mindfulness and wellbeing to your team?

Office life can be challenging for the mind and body. Focus, motivation, and finding inner peace can seem like a never-ending struggle. Bringing mindfulness and meditation into the office can counter the every-day stresses of modern life.

I provide workplace wellness programs and coaching to support wellbeing, find calm, and nurture creativity.

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