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 Photo by  @iamcarlota

Photo by @iamcarlota

It’s autumn in London, and I’m enjoying throwing on my favourite hoodie before stepping out of the door each morning. Things are shifting with creative work and facilitation, and I feel like I’m building a way of approaching life that allows me to keep growing.

Creative Facilitation & Courses


  • I’m currently designing my first online course, Finally Finish Your Creative Project. The course will take you through the process of bringing your creative ideas to life. To find out when it launches, sign up for my newsletter.

In-person creativity workshops

  • I just delivered Unlock Your Creativity with Economy of Hours at Plexal City. Thank you to the attendees!

  • I’m gearing up for Session 3 of 6 in my series on Activating Creativity with Ustwo Adventure in Shoreditch, East London.


  • I’m working a series of paintings that draw from my memories of landscapes of the American West. This idea was in part inspired by my interest in science fiction, and its history of imagining alternate planets. A few of the paintings are here.

  • I’m currently sorting through my archive of sketches and works on paper, and sharing some of my favourites to my online sketchbook.

Daily Practice

I started a daily practice in August while reading and doing The Artist’s Way. I am in Week 9 of 12. Currently, my daily practice includes:




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