Join A video call series and community to support you in Reaching your creative ambitions

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How it works

Are you looking for ways to get into your creative groove and make the most of your inspiration?

Join me for OFFICE HOURS.

Every other week, I host a 60 minute video call to discuss the most pressing creative challenges facing you and the OFFICE HOURS community. I discuss topics suggested by you in advance and answer your questions in real time.

I share insights into some of the most common challenges that frequently come up during the creative process, including managing creative energy, establishing a creative routine that sticks, and setting and achieving goals.


  • Join a growing community of people passionate about living a creative life.

  • Get help with your challenges from me — a creativity coach and artist with over 17 years of professional experience across creative disciplines.

  • Each video call is recorded and available for members to view. You will have access even if you do not make the call time.

  • Members of OFFICE HOURS have access to a Slack group where you can submit questions and issues for discussion.

I’ll help you work through the things that hold you back or leave you stuck, including:

  • How to get started with a new project

  • Figuring out your focus

  • Creating and sticking to a creative routine

  • Dealing with lack of confidence or a fear of failure

  • Breaking through perfectionism

  • Managing your energy between work and personal projects

  • Learning techniques for getting helpful feedback that leaves you feeling motivated and empowered, not torn apart

Who's it for?

OFFICE HOURS is appropriate for creative and non-creative professionals. If you are or want to be creative in your work or personal life and are looking for advice and a community, this is for you.

About me

I believe that individual and collective expression is one of the most powerful tools we have to co-create and improve the world we live in. I’m on a mission to help others find their creative super powers.

I am an artist with over 17 years of professional experience across a range of creative disciplines, including fine art, graphic design, and UX design for technology.

In my coaching and professional career, have helped designers, independent artists, developers, musicians, and executives. I’ve worked with freelancers, in house teams, and individuals considering a career transition.

I was previously the Lead Instructor of the UX Design Immersive program at General Assembly where I provided instruction and guidance to over 100 students.


Membership to OFFICE HOURS is £29.99 per month (introductory rate).

How to Join

Applications for OFFICE HOURS close 30 January 2019. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until capacity is reached.


Feel free contact me with any questions.