Photos by  @iamcarlota

Photos by @iamcarlota


I am an artist and creativity coach.  

My creative practice includes fine art painting and drawing. I make art to connect with the world around me, and to represent what I see and feel.

I’ve been fascinated with art and design since I took my first drawing class as a teenager. Since then, my passion and dedication to celebrating why and how we engage with creative processes has grown and deepened. Read more about me →

I offer individual and group coaching around unlocking creativity, developing and improving creative processes, and pushing through limiting beliefs.

In my workshops and courses, I make space for participants to tap into their unique creative expression and find strategies to activate their creative energy. Learn more about my courses and workshops →



What I’m up to now

 Photo by  @iamcarlota

Photo by @iamcarlota

I’m creating my first online course, scheduling workshops for 2019, working on a new painting series, and continuing my daily practice.

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Activating Creativity

A 2-day program to help teams and individuals optimise personal creativity and boost creative collaboration.

Unlock Your Creativity

This 2.5 hour workshop on clearing your creative blocks will help you gain better creative self-awareness.

Finally Finish Your Creative Project

This online course is currently in development. Sign up to my newsletter to receive updates.

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